George Mouradian, President of Ridgeview Homes Inc., is a local graduate in Civil Engineering Technology who applies his knowledge and experience of 26 years in the home building industry.


Ridgeview Homes Inc. established and built its first home in 1997 and has flourished in Southwestern Ontario ever since.  Ridgeview Homes Inc. is recognized for its unique contemporary designs and presents models that are open concept and by implementing the latest trending ideas and materials, offering buyers construction at the most competitive prices.


George takes pride and is actively involved in building every single house by overseeing each step on a daily basis that is associated with delivering his customers their dream homes.  He ensures that Ridgeview customers are completely satisfied with every step of their home building process.  His passion and persistence for perfection in building has made headlines marking the difference between just building houses to proudly delivering customers their dream homes.


George's Ridgeview Homes Philosophy


To some, it's merely fashioning together a roof and walls, a place to sleep at night and a shelter from rain, snow, wind and sun.


To most, it's a complete oasis from the rest of the world, where love and relaxation permeate and define the living spaces. "It's where the heart is".


To others, a Ridgeview home consists of the luxury of having all the modern conveniences available. It's a place to showcase accomplishment and pride.


Despite the differences in perception, one thing is true; that a home is how YOU define it, how YOU live in it and how YOU thrive. A home is a basis for the beginning and end of every day. It's the place where dreams are inspired and loved ones are cherished. It's a shelter and refuge.  It's where families come together to celebrate, to eat, to converse and to live.


No matter how you envision your Ridgeview Home, we present the best of all home plans available within our designs, from cozy to open concept features. Our expert team offers a diverse skill set to provide superior design, industry experience and customer service orientation to best serve YOU.

Ridgeview Homes Inc.

334 Manitou Drive Unit A

Kitchener, Ontario

N2C 1L3

T: 519-748-0087

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